Infinite Love Design

My infinite love design is one I really enjoy; it was one of the first things I ever printed.

It was inspired by watching a wonderful play in 2004, called After the Flood. ( Rorschach Theater in Washington, DC is a real gem to include when you visit.

The play had shadow puppets of Rama and Sita chasing each other up stairs and around the theater, interacting with humans, telling a modern variant of the Ramayana myth. I was spellbound. I abstracted the path of that search and chase to reflect love, as a heart, and infinity. The design shows both depending upon which angle you look at if from. When you have it on a necklace the front looks like a heart and the top view is an infinity sign.

I had not intended, but was quite surprised to see, a Christian fish on the 3rd axis of my CAD image and finished pieces. If you are religious, then you tell me “Of course it is”. And if you’re not religious, you just shake your head or you don’t see it at all.┬áBut it is there and that surprise makes me smile.

I’ve printed this as jewelry; as larger sculptural objects, and when the price comes down, I will do a playground sized one for my backyard (or yours).

Here’s a peak.





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