MeshLab Rave

How wonderful! I am marveling at MeshLab and how much repair software has improved.

I’ve just dug out a design I was trying to make 10 years ago; and could never get a water tight surface; though I tried for months. Now I can do that with just a few minutes in Mesh Lab, without reading any directions or watching any videos. (I am sure there are many features I am missing). And MeshLab is free. Lucky me.

The design I am making is a like a Slinky toy, in the shape of a seated¬†Buddha¬†rather than the usual cylinder,expanded to reveal the chakras. I can now get the design to save in a printable format and am so excited. The tools Shapeways’ uses to make it print ready convert it to a solid object but I’ve got an order to print it in transparent plastic to reveal the inside.

Looking forward to my Makerbot arriving so I can do a few iterations before a Shapeways or iMaterialise print but I’ll post the results when the object arrives in Feb.

Here’s the rendering sneak preview.

Chakra buddha rendering



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