Iterations, experiments, and cadence

When something is fun, we are more likely to do it. When something is simple, we’re more likely to do it consistently and repeatedly.

Simpler also means you can do it faster and do more iterations in the same amount of time. The more we practice, the better we get.

And so I’ve begun an experiment of using Zazzy. Zazzy is like Zazzle for 3d printed objects. It is easy enough that a 6 year old could do it.  Industry leader Joris Peels suggests that we encourage everyone, including children, to open a 3d printed jewelry shop and I so agree.

A few years ago, I decided to create a holiday themed design per day in December. Ideas were plentiful, delivery harder.  The act of designing, printing, photographing, writing and posting to social media took ALL day. If I were lucky I could just start designing a second item. Some days I couldn’t finish one design and had to reuse an older object at 10pm to deliver. Zazzy makes it possible to create many things in a day. And it is a joy.

Using Zazzy, I feel a little sheepish and lazy about this being a joy and so easy to do.

A prolific artist friend’s influence and recent reading of “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, I can see the need to shed the long held limiting belief that everything I make has to be elaborate, with a backstory and meaning and as close to perfection as I can get. (it never is) The process of making new items consistently, even simple or not particularly good items, is more important than the individual results.

It is ironic, as I have long done agile development in my career and  Julia Cameron’s morning pages which practice with this idea, but only recently realized I need to apply the idea to my design work. So I am using Zazzy for the fun of creating.  It gives me a cadence I like so far. It’s an experiment, to iterate more frequently.  I will surely make schlock, and possibly something sublime. Either way, it’ll be fun, I’ll learn, and that is progress.

Plus I can easily edit the collection later; and sort on popularity in the mean time.

Box it up


And the later iteration, in rose gold–rose-gold/


box it up in rose goldrose gold mockup