Make Magic - Flower Ring

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Make magic - Flower Ring

If you've got spring fever; let this cheerful flower ring tide you over until the blossoms arrive or wear it all year long. 

Every time I wear this ring, someone wants to buy it, but you should get your own..... The design is a Catmull Clark topology applied to a sphere. Topological optimization algorithms are made for compression for animation and movies- simplifications to make magic. I think it looks like a high tech flower bud and sometimes that is the easier answer to "what is it?" 

It's a nice reminder to simplify and make your magic. 
This 3d printed jewelry is designed by me and printed by Shapeways on their gorgeous printers. Each item is priority printed to order. The process takes up to 23 business days to print + shipping time, so I estimate 4 weeks currently. Holiday rushes may extend the time line and so you can see manufacturing information available here  or message me with questions.