Augmented Reality

Happy Valentines’ Day!

If you need a quick last minute item, or just because it’s fun, here is a free infinity heart in augmented reality. So much more romantic than Pokeman. And if you aren’t up for flowers or chocolate, gift cards for a 3d printed version are available.

To see the Augmented Reality Infinity Heart

  1. Print or view the target image
  2. Download the mobile Entiti app from
  3. Launch the app and point it to this infinity heart image here
  4. Move your phone to see the infinity from the top and the heart in front

Or the Valentines Day card version on the screen or color print out

Open the app to scan the image above

See the infinity heart in augmented reality. Help from the cat not included.

Look from the front to see the heart

And from the top side to see the infinity